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The Perfect “Mommy Sunglasses”

Just because you’re a mom does not mean that you no longer have the excuse to buy clothes or accessories that will keep you in style. Everybody can be as fashionable as their favorite supermodel. So instead of wearing the sweat shirt and the sweat pants, put on your cutest beach dress or sexiest pair […]

Sunglasses For The Bohemian Chic

There are definitely thousands of things to love about summer in Australia. It does not only give us the chance to flaunt our curves and show off our bikini bodies. It is also the perfect time to go outdoors, get a tan by the shore, surf the waves, and enjoy the company of friends under […]

Tips When Choosing Designer Sunglasses

Nowadays, more and more women are thinking practical when it comes to fashion. The hard times has taught ladies from all across the world to be picky when it comes to buying expensive clothing and accessories. High-end brands are undeniably expensive and if you spend more than what you earn, you’re sure to find yourself […]

Round Is The Avant Garde In Sunglasses

Not everybody has the guts to wear round designer sunglasses. here is something about it that makes it the avant garde of designer sunglasses. Most women are scared that it would not complement their face shape or that it will make them look weird. Maybe round glasses are not the best choice for women who […]

Julia Roberts And Her Affair With Ray-Ban

She’s not just America’s sweetheart. After gracing some of the most sought-after chic flicks of our time, Julia Roberts has captured the hearts of men and women from all across the globe including Australia. There’s no doubt how versatile an actress she is – from “Pretty Woman” to her recent flick “Eat Pray Love,” Julia has […]

Everybody Loves Ray-Ban!

Ray-Ban has been a hit since the early 90’s. The first ever Ray-Ban sunglasses were made in 1936. Since then, celebrities from all around the world have been giving this brand its well-deserved exposure. Even General Douglas McArthur wore a Ray-Ban when he landed in one of the Philippine islands. In Australia alone, Ray-Ban is […]

The Evolution of Eyewear Fashion – Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses were invented by Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant Company in 1929. During that time, the sole purpose of those lenses was to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. It wasn’t fashionable, then; unlike today when everywhere you look there are “shades” in different colors and designs. Sam Foster realized that if […]

Sunglasses: Wear the look of Attitude with Style

Sunglasses are one such accessory, which not only reflect your style, but are also a need if you spend most of your days outdoors. With the passage of time, much innovation in style has come in them that now you can easily find designer sunglasses from Prada to Gucci and from Louis Vuiton to Christian […]