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5 Celebrities Wearing The Best Of Prada Sunglasses… It’s A Throwback!

Prada Sunglasses is on the A-side when it comes to luxury fashion and of course designer sunglasses. Mario Prada’s mission was to offer the Italian luxury fashion to the world. Years later and today, Prada’s line of designer sunglasses is amongst the ranks of top-of-the-line brands such as Poeme and Illusion sunglasses. Celebrated and adored not only […]

8 Ray-Ban Sunglasses Which Made It To The Big Screen

Movies inspired the invention of many things – GPS, automobiles, pizza cutter and of course designer sunglasses. For this round up let us take you back in time featuring 8 Ray Ban Sunglasses, 8 Hollywood movies and 9 Hollywood stars. Ready your popcorns! #1 Reservoir Dogs (1992) Starring Tim Roth

How To Choose Sunglasses: 5 Tip To Bag It!

There’s nothing wrong wearing just about any pair of sunglasses you like. But knowing how to choose sunglasses (and the right fit) could surely break a neck or two – and that’s what we’re about to teach you right here. 5 Tips on How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Type