Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sunglass must-haves for music festivals

You know the feeling: the sun is shining, the crowds are dancing in unison and the music is making you move and groove. You’ve got your funky hat, your bottle of water and your best friends by your side, but there’s something pretty critical missing. That’s right – you forgot to buy that perfect pair of […]

Best sunglasses for a road trip adventure

Before you know it, summer will be beaming its beautiful sunshine rays down and the weather will be just perfect for a weekend or holiday road trip. Apart from some great road trip music, what’s the most important ingredient for a fun, rockin’ good time? The right sunglasses of course! Whether you want to channel […]

Top 5 movie scenes featuring sunglasses

When it comes to cool, there’s nothing quite like a stylish pair of sunglasses. But add in a movie star wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses in a classic scene from a favourite movie and you’ve got a whole other galaxy of cool! Here are a few classic scenes featuring sunglasses and the actors we […]

Common Myths You’re Getting Wrong About Sunglasses

Most of us know how important sunglasses are in the fashion stakes, but when it comes to the health and eye safety aspects of our favourite frames and lenses there’s a bit of a knowledge gap. How many people know that sunglasses only became popular as fashion statements and accessories in the 1950s? Long before […]

What’s hot for men in the summer of 2015

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s time for the latest fashions and frames in men’s sunglasses to be out on display on the streets of the United States and Europe. As always, there is a mix of old and new when it comes to what’s hot in sunglasses for men this […]