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Vintage Sunglasses Designs that Never Go Out of Style

There is an old saying in the world of trends and fashion that goes: everything that is old can be made new again. Whether it’s in music, fashion runways or sunglasses, it seems that there is always room for classic styles and vintage trends to be made fresh again by a new generation of designers, […]

Tips on Finding Sunglasses that Suit Your Face Shape

There are many decisions to make when you buy sunglasses. You must consider price, brand, colour, style and eye protection. Do you want a pair of Aviator Ray Ban sunglasses with red frames and polarised lenses? Or perhaps you want a pair of Prada sunglasses with ornate frames in gold and dark shaded lenses. Whichever […]

The Most Iconic Celebrities who are Constant Sunglasses Wearers

Few types of people rock their sunglasses with such pride and passion as celebrities. They use sunglasses to hide from the glaring eyes of the paparazzi, or to cover up from hours of partying the night before. Celebrity wear sunglasses to accentuate their style, and to make a statement about their fashion sense. Most of all, […]

Top 5 Sports Sunglasses that Meet Your Active Lifestyle

There is a growing theory among fitness coaches and sports people the world over: sunglasses are not just a “maybe” when it comes to sports. They are no longer considered just as an “option”. In modern sports and the associated science and training, sports sunglasses are actually considered an absolute necessity. There are many reasons […]

Why it’s Not Smart to Buy Fake Prada Sunglasses

You have probably seen the social media ads promising to sell popular Prada sunglasses at really cheap prices. No matter which type of popular Prada sunglasses you might desire, the bargain ads seemingly offer unbelievably low prices for every style and frame of this high-fashion and classic brand. But as the old saying goes: if […]

Top Picks: Sporty Ray Ban Sunglasses for Active People

Ray Ban sunglasses are most renowned as the brand worn by cool, hip celebrities and rock stars. Whether it’s the classic Wayfarer favoured by everyone from music legend Bob Dylan to modern day diva Beyonce, or the round variety loved by John Lennon and Kate Hudson, Ray Bans have built up a reputation over many […]

Everything You Need to Know About Polarised Ray Ban Sunglasses

Getting what you paid for is of prime importance in any sunglass purchase. Some people choose their sunglasses based on the brand and style, while others like to see which frames are being worn by the hottest celebrities. But apart from those, there are people who also want to make sure that their sunglasses of […]

This Season’s Eyewear: The Hottest Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Summer

Ray-Ban Sunglasses are one of the world’s most popular and stylish brands, and once again they’ve released some of the hottest sunglasses for summer. Despite being around for nearly 80 years as a company, Ray Ban Sunglasses continue to be at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt […]