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Top 5 Most Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Just over a decade ago, Ray Bans were not high on the list of fashionistas in terms of style and value. In about 1999, the sunglasses were sold at dirt cheap prices in petrol stations and the quality was poor. The brand was in trouble. But fast forward to modern times, and it’s hard to […]

The Range of James Bond Sunglasses as Shown in Movies

Throughout the decades, few movie characters have captured the imagination of fashionistas and style followers quite like James Bond. Ever since the British super spy first hit the silver screen in the early 1960s, Bond has been associated with impeccable suits, fast cars, elegant tuxedos and sharp accessories, such as watches and shoes. But Bond […]

Look Cool with these Prada Sunglasses for the Beach

When people think Prada they picture high-style runway shows and a fashion legacy that stretches back more than 100 years to its foundation in Italy in 1913. But not far from where Prada first began in Milan all those years ago, there is another influence on the Prada style that shines through in the design […]

Myths vs Truths: Sunglasses Facts that Can Actually Protect You

Sunglasses are the must-have fashion accessory when you’re outdoors. Whether it’s in the full rays of summer, the dappled light of spring or the changing skies of autumn and winter, a quality pair of sunglasses should be the consistent, stand-out element of your wardrobe. Most people make their decision to buy a new pair of […]

How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses for Every Type of Occasion

There’s nothing worse than being over or under-dressed at a social occasion.  Perhaps you’ve arrived at a garden party wearing casual clothes only to discover every other guest is dressed in formal wear. Or you’ve turned up to an outdoor function in smart business wear when other attendees are dressed in summer skirts and beach […]