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Whether for casual or sporting use, sunglasses are indispensable for keeping the sun’s harmful rays out of your eyes. But sunglasses can be fashion accessories too. Here are some tips on getting sunglasses that not only enhance your looks, but also afford you the best eye protection. Picking out sunglasses that suit your face The […]

Sunglasses Brands Buying Guide

Sunglasses brands A word about designer sunglasses: Luxottica. No discussion of designer sunglasses is complete without encountering Luxottica, the world’s biggest eyewear company (said to hold 80% of the sunglasses market). Here are the sunglasses brands that Luxottica either outrightly owns or licenses for manufacture (most are, of course Italian sunglasses brands): A|X – Armani […]

Celebrities Sunglasses Buying Guide

Sunglasses are accessories people should not live without. They shield the eyes against harmful UV rays and dim the light when the surroundings are just too bright, and they make for great accessories. What’s more, celebrities look cool wearing a new style of sunglasses—and it is oh so tempting to get the look. Celebrities in […]

Quality Sunglasses for Kids

Wearing glasses can be the ultimate fashion accessory when you choose the right pair to suit you and the kind of clothes you wear most. Children may not be as interested as adults are in the fashion aspect of sunglasses. But because kids spend much more time outdoors than most adults one of the most […]

Getting the Right Sunglasses for Driving

If your eyes are extremely sensitive to bright sunlight and they continuously water up when exposed and you have tried many pairs of sunglasses only to have them keep slipping down your nose (especially when you are sweating) and having to push them up while you are riding. You ask to yourself, what is a […]

Australia’s Best Sunglasses for Travellers

So you’ve booked your flight and are ready for your next holiday. What do you do next? According to a recent article by Bupa Travel Insurance, you should be making sure you’ve got your eyes covered with a pair hot sunglasses from Australia’s premier stockists and designers. We’re delighted to have been included in the […]

Top 5 Most Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Just over a decade ago, Ray Bans were not high on the list of fashionistas in terms of style and value. In about 1999, the sunglasses were sold at dirt cheap prices in petrol stations and the quality was poor. The brand was in trouble. But fast forward to modern times, and it’s hard to […]

The Range of James Bond Sunglasses as Shown in Movies

Throughout the decades, few movie characters have captured the imagination of fashionistas and style followers quite like James Bond. Ever since the British super spy first hit the silver screen in the early 1960s, Bond has been associated with impeccable suits, fast cars, elegant tuxedos and sharp accessories, such as watches and shoes. But Bond […]