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Sunglasses Brands Buying Guide

Sunglasses brands A word about designer sunglasses: Luxottica. No discussion of designer sunglasses is complete without encountering Luxottica, the world’s biggest eyewear company (said to hold 80% of the sunglasses market). Here are the sunglasses brands that Luxottica either outrightly owns or licenses for manufacture (most are, of course Italian sunglasses brands): A|X – Armani […]

Real or Fake: What to Check when Buying Coach Sunglasses

One of the most common concerns of people when buying sunglasses online is whether or not they are buying authentic goods. Thankfully, each brand has its own distinctive markers, trademarks and design quirks that set them apart from fake sunglasses and provide clues to the genuine product. This is true when buying authentic Coach sunglasses.