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Sunglasses Brands Buying Guide

Sunglasses brands A word about designer sunglasses: Luxottica. No discussion of designer sunglasses is complete without encountering Luxottica, the world’s biggest eyewear company (said to hold 80% of the sunglasses market). Here are the sunglasses brands that Luxottica either outrightly owns or licenses for manufacture (most are, of course Italian sunglasses brands): A|X – Armani […]

Look Cool with these Prada Sunglasses for the Beach

When people think Prada they picture high-style runway shows and a fashion legacy that stretches back more than 100 years to its foundation in Italy in 1913. But not far from where Prada first began in Milan all those years ago, there is another influence on the Prada style that shines through in the design […]

Why it’s Not Smart to Buy Fake Prada Sunglasses

You have probably seen the social media ads promising to sell popular Prada sunglasses at really cheap prices. No matter which type of popular Prada sunglasses you might desire, the bargain ads seemingly offer unbelievably low prices for every style and frame of this high-fashion and classic brand. But as the old saying goes: if […]

Why Expensive Prada Sunglasses are Worth the Price

Prada: Over 100 Years of Excellent Quality and Style When it comes to luxury brands, from fashion to bags to sunglasses, few can match the classic and iconic style of Prada. The Prada brand is more than 100 years old. The company began way back in 1913 and was started by two brothers – Mario […]

Your Favorite Celebrities with their Prada sunglasses

Are you a fan of Prada sunglasses?  I know, who wouldn’t be, right? From the chic to the sassy, Prada has them all and below we go celebrity spotting to feature those who think wearing Prada sunglasses are cool, too.   Here is our list of 10 celebrities wearing Prada sunglasses as part of their ensemble. […]

5 Celebrities Wearing The Best Of Prada Sunglasses… It’s A Throwback!

Prada Sunglasses is on the A-side when it comes to luxury fashion and of course designer sunglasses. Mario Prada’s mission was to offer the Italian luxury fashion to the world. Years later and today, Prada’s line of designer sunglasses is amongst the ranks of top-of-the-line brands such as Poeme and Illusion sunglasses. Celebrated and adored not only […]