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Celebrities Sunglasses Buying Guide

Sunglasses are accessories people should not live without. They shield the eyes against harmful UV rays and dim the light when the surroundings are just too bright, and they make for great accessories. What’s more, celebrities look cool wearing a new style of sunglasses—and it is oh so tempting to get the look. Celebrities in […]

The Range of James Bond Sunglasses as Shown in Movies

Throughout the decades, few movie characters have captured the imagination of fashionistas and style followers quite like James Bond. Ever since the British super spy first hit the silver screen in the early 1960s, Bond has been associated with impeccable suits, fast cars, elegant tuxedos and sharp accessories, such as watches and shoes. But Bond […]

How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses for Every Type of Occasion

There’s nothing worse than being over or under-dressed at a social occasion.  Perhaps you’ve arrived at a garden party wearing casual clothes only to discover every other guest is dressed in formal wear. Or you’ve turned up to an outdoor function in smart business wear when other attendees are dressed in summer skirts and beach […]

Tips on Finding Sunglasses that Suit Your Face Shape

There are many decisions to make when you buy sunglasses. You must consider price, brand, colour, style and eye protection. Do you want a pair of Aviator Ray Ban sunglasses with red frames and polarised lenses? Or perhaps you want a pair of Prada sunglasses with ornate frames in gold and dark shaded lenses. Whichever […]

The Most Iconic Celebrities who are Constant Sunglasses Wearers

Few types of people rock their sunglasses with such pride and passion as celebrities. They use sunglasses to hide from the glaring eyes of the paparazzi, or to cover up from hours of partying the night before. Celebrity wear sunglasses to accentuate their style, and to make a statement about their fashion sense. Most of all, […]

This Season’s Eyewear: The Hottest Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Summer

Ray-Ban Sunglasses are one of the world’s most popular and stylish brands, and once again they’ve released some of the hottest sunglasses for summer. Despite being around for nearly 80 years as a company, Ray Ban Sunglasses continue to be at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt […]

Celebrity Eyewear: Sunglasses Brands Worn by Top Personalities

The power of celebrity and personality is greater than ever. And the sunglasses brands they wear – like the dresses, jeans, handbags and t-shirts they are photographed in – provide a clear statement of style and trend-worthy fashion to the world. Given the lifestyles and fashion-conscious nature of celebrities, it’s no wonder sunglasses are one […]

Real or Fake: What to Check when Buying Coach Sunglasses

One of the most common concerns of people when buying sunglasses online is whether or not they are buying authentic goods. Thankfully, each brand has its own distinctive markers, trademarks and design quirks that set them apart from fake sunglasses and provide clues to the genuine product. This is true when buying authentic Coach sunglasses.