Fashion Sunglasses for Men: Tips To Keep Your Man In-Check!

It’s a tell-tale sign that he’s behind the fashion sunglasses calendar when your significant behalf keeps a single pair of sunglasses most of his manhood.

But don’t force the issue ‘coz more often than not, it only inspires him even further not to bother with it. Like when he starts to whine “who cares about fashion. I wear them for protection!”  – Time for you to abort mission, ABORT!


Sunglasses fashion for men -Tips To Keep Your Man In-Check

Start with a low pitch like this…

8 Unwritten Fashion Sunglasses Rules You Should Tell Him When Wearing Sunglasses

– “How do I look?”

– “You’re effortlessly cool babe, but…”

It’s the perfect timing to tell him a little bit about designer sunglasses for men which you will be reading in the next couple of lines…

The Size You Can Pull Off

While size does matter, it’s no RTW that you snatch off the shelves and off you go. Tell him this – It’s okay to go with big sunglasses that are relatively proportionate to your build and face.

Make Sure They Don’t Get Busted

Men wear mirrored sunglasses for a reason – so they can check the ladies out on the beach. It’s a man’s thing and it’s no stopping it (unfortunately!). Just make sure you get them sunnies with mirrored lenses. Black aviator sunglasses do the job most of the time.

Match The Frame With Your Face!

“Honey, you look fab on those aviators, but tell you what! This new wayfarer they got on sale, is a killer. Why don’t you try them!?” – Match the face that’s opposite the frame! If he got a heart shaped face, compliment with hard edge frames and vice versa.

Take Off Those Mirrors!

Take off those mirrored sunglasses when you strike a conversation – not unless you’re at a press conference denying all allegations. It’s that disconcerting!

Match Their Shoes & Tie

Here comes a pro tip!

It doesn’t bother an old timer – Be it blue or yellow or green. For him, it’s all the same. But he’s no color blind, that’s for sure! Pick a pair of sunglasses that would complement, if not match, his necktie and shoe color.

Make sure the color’s not too loud and you’ll get the look you want without him realizing it. (By the way, we do have sunglasses on sale. Just check out the sale items tab on the navigation up top.)

Upside Down Isn’t Cut For The Macho!

It just doesn’t cut it no matter how creative you are. Unless, of course, if you want him to look like snooker player, Dennis Taylor.

Snooker Player Dennis Taylor

Snooker Player Dennis Taylor


Techy V.S Retro

Have this written at the top of your closet mirror – “Retro sunglasses are for the beaches and outdoors, and modern cut sunglasses are for parties and more parties!” Who knows, these little constant reminders might tickle his curiosity one of these days! (Finger’s crossed!)

When It’s On Top His Head

It’s a habit, and him saying he got no pocket is no excuse. The need for fashion sense? You think so?

5 Types Of Sunglasses For Men

5 Types Of Sunglasses For Men

Fashion sends the right message to the world, and sunglasses fashion exemplifies that message even further. Men know little about this, and that’s for a fact! So ladies, it’s your job to introduce them to Fashion Sunglasses 101


sunglasses fashion for men - aviator

Before they were marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators, they were known as the Bausch & Lomb Aviators. The first design popularized in the 30’s and it features the G-15 glass lenses (often dark and mirrored). The thin metal frame extends all the way to its temple (AKA bayonet earpieces that hook around the ears).


sunglasses fashion for men - wayfarer

Think of Tom Cruise and Don Johnson in their movies “Risky Business” and “Miami Vice” respectively. It’s another first from Ray-Ban sunglasses themselves and is widely popular during the 60’s up to the 80’s. Its thick acetate frame is timeless. And the square like frames inspired music artists in the 80’s and 90’s to associate their kind of music with these sunnies.


sunglasses fashion for men - wraparound

We call it the “can-do-everything shades”. Ideal for high-intensity activities such as outdoor sports since it’s designed to not fall off of your face easily. But fashion wise it offers a lot on the table. Think of movies like “Daredevil”, “Men In Black” and “Dirty Harry”. They’re literally kicking the bad guys with those wraparound sunglasses, and they do so with style!


sunglasses fashion for men - round

Inspired by “The Beatles” singer John Winston Lennon back in the 60’s, and thus got its other name – “Lennon Specs”. It’s one for the retro fanatic and they sometimes call it the “teashades”. Round sunglasses come with thin metallic (full rim) frame like Ray-Ban RB3447 and usually the lens is made of glass.


sunglasses fashion for men - shield

It’s a one piece lens and it’s bold and comes either with thin metal frames or think bold grilamid frames. It does have a slight disadvantage, however, since most shield sunglasses comes with thick temples they block the wearer’s sideway vision.

Regardless of whether his fashion sense is singular or he’s completely passive about all this, it’s not that hard to get him into the zone. That is if you fully commit to it!

What’s Your Fashion Sunglasses Story To Share?

Do you have funny sunny moments or fashion sunglasses memes with your hubby that you would love to share? Shout it out in the comments below or email it to us!

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