How To Choose Sunglasses: 5 Tip To Bag It!

How To Choose Sunglasses - Types of faces

There’s nothing wrong wearing just about any pair of sunglasses you like. But knowing how to choose sunglasses (and the right fit) could surely break a neck or two – and that’s what we’re about to teach you right here.

5 Tips on How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Type

#1 Balance & Contrast

How To Choose Sunglasses - Oval shape face

The art of wearing the right shades (for your fashion needs) has a lot to do with esthetics.

In fact that is all there is to it. It’s all about balance and contrast. In this case, it’s balancing your face shape with the right contrasting sunglasses.

“But how do I know what my face type is?”

That’s why we got tip number two…

#2 Determine Your Face Shape

How To Choose Sunglasses - Determine Your Face Shape

To be sure; Measure your face accurately.

It’s no rocket science. You can tell right away just by looking at your face in the mirror. But if you’re not satisfied, two ways…

  1. Measure the distance of your face from cheekbone to cheekbone, jaw line to jaw line, your face length (from the forehead to your chin) and the width of your forehead. Jot it down and map it out (Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be perfect). Or;
  2. Soap your face thoroughly and look at it on the mirror. Then compare your face shape below.

Type Of Face Shape

How To Choose Sunglasses - Type Of Face Shape

NOTE: You may have heard about diamond/triangle shape type of face, but really, it’s pretty much the same as the oval elongated face shape.

Heart Shape – It’s pretty much straight forward. As you can see in the image, the jaw line is the smallest area of a heart shaped face.

Circle Shape – similar to the heart shape type except the jaw line are proportionally wider.

Oval Shape – Elongated, oblong you name it. The perfect shape, as many would consider.

Square Shape – Characterized with sharp edges, equal sides (left to right, top to bottom) across the landscape.

#3 The Right Size Matters Too

Choosing The Right Sunglasses - The Right Size Matters Too

Know the dimentions of the sunglasses of your choice!

The next tip in how to choose sunglasses correctly is (drumroll)… knowing the right size to fit. And there’s only one golden rule in choosing – make it the width of your cheekbone. That’s it! Too small is bad, too big is bad too!

#4 The Styles That Fits Your Face Type

How To Choose Sunglasses - The Styles That Fits Your Face Type

Note: there are two basic types of sunglasses – one is the round type and the other is the square type. Everything else are just variations of the two.

Earlier we have mentioned to contrast your face shape with the sunglasses’ frame type. That means if you’re a square shape, go with the circle type of shades. If you’re a circle shape, then you’re with the square type of sunglasses.

What are the frame types that best suite my face type?

Here’s a breakdown:

Heart shape – Retro square, cat eye, butterfly, rimless, aviator

Circle shape – Retro square, cat eye, square, shield, wrap

Oval shape – Retro square, aviator, oversized

Square shape – Round, aviator, shield, butterflies

For oval shape sunglasses, it’s go for over-sized sunglasses. Just make sure they are not that big that it covers most of your face.

#5 Getting To Know The Frame Types

How To Choose Sunglasses - Getting To Know The Frame Types

There’s a total of 11 Types of frame available today.

There’s no universal list of frames to follow, but here are the common types of sunglasses frames you should know of:

Aviator – popularized by pilots (and thus the name suggest) back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Dark metal frame paired with smoke lenses designed to block light from any angle.

Cat Eye – Unique Slope curve and angles, retro lovers couldn’t resist. Widely popular in the 50’s and worn by actors like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Oversized – As the name suggest: huge frames paired with reflective lenses for extra sun protection.

Round – Its frame is either big or small, thick or thin and made of either plastic or metal. Whose image comes in mind? John Lennon, of course!

Shield – the one-piece version of bikinis. This frame type comes in various styles, also available with rounded lens either metal or plastic.

Wayfarer – Popularized by James Dean. A classic frame type, versatile and fits perfectly on most face types.

Honorable mentions:

  • Wrap Around/Wrap
  • Rectangle/Square
  • Semi-Rimless
  • Oval
  • Butterfly

The list continues as there are variations upon variations of sunglasses frame types available (like oversized butterfly, or Semi-rimless Shield).

Remember this…

These are no rules to follow. But this will surely guide you on how to choose sunglasses for the right occasion. So yeah, go ahead and get busy choosing the right fit for yah!

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