Quality Sunglasses for Kids


Wearing glasses can be the ultimate fashion accessory when you choose the right pair to suit you and the kind of clothes you wear most. Children may not be as interested as adults are in the fashion aspect of sunglasses. But because kids spend much more time outdoors than most adults one of the most important factors when to choosing sunglasses is protection. Being assured that one’s eyes are protected from the sun’s ultra-violet rays is essential. These rays can cause damage to the eyes and are linked to many different types of eye disease, so they should be avoided at all costs through the use of high quality kids’ sunglasses.

What’s the perfect Sunglass Lens Color

It’s always better to consult an optician, but as long as your optician certifies that the lenses block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The level of UV protection sunglasses provide has nothing to do with the color of the lenses, but polar optic sunglasses are now popular nowadays, because it actually provides a filtering system for glare. Any light reflecting off of a flat surface, such as a lake, creates an intense glare produced by horizontal light wave patterns. These horizontal waves are blocked by polarized lenses that help reduce the glare and resulting eyestrain. Polar eyes fit over sunglasses can be made in a number of ways. More casual styles have the polarized filter applied as a film coating externally, while more durable sport styles produce lenses with the filter in between the layers of the lens.

What’s the perfect Sunglass style for Kids?

Based on recent studies the best kid sunglasses are in replica of adolescent frame style, because there’s children’s desire to look like their older siblings or parents. Aviators and Wayfarers are kids fashion sunglasses style that should work for most people. Sportier styles like Oakley wraparounds for kids sport sunglasses. Avoid mirrored and light smoke gradient lenses. Polarized clip on sunglasses lenses are recommended whenever possible. Most frames can have prescription sunglasses lenses put into them, but if I were in the market for prescription sunglasses are perfect for kid since they like running around. There are also decent cheap kids sunglasses online.


Where to Get the Best Kids Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are everywhere from shopping malls or bazaars, but I recommend if you shop online because you get the same quality with a cheaper price like Sunglasses Warehouse where they have the best selection from baby optic glasses, toddlers sunglasses, children’s sunglasses etc. You can also try to consult opticians even specialize in children’s sunglasses and eyeglasses and have dedicated areas just for kids to play and shop for their frames, but wherever you go, look for a good selection of sun glass frames scaled specifically for a child’s facial dimensions.

Trending Sunglasses for Kids

  •  Modern rubber frame sunglasses in rich colors.
  • ·Solar optic Sunglasses – that mimics adult sunglasses that are cool, stylish and fashion forward.
  •  Sports Eye wear –in a scaled down adult version. Optic nerve sunglasses are recommended since children are usually prone to heat of the sun.

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