Sunglasses Fashion: What’s The Latest Trend And What’s Trending Down

Sunglasses fashion do come and go, and for fashionistas and socialites it’s about making a statement. But for the average people like us, it’s an everyday struggle to keep up with what’s hot and what’s trendy.

You might be asking…

Sunglasses Fashion - Whats trendy whats not


“What Are The Latest Trends in Sunglasses For 2015?”


“What’s Trending Down This Year?”

Of course! You can just go out and pick whatever pair of wow-worthy and authentic sunglasses you would like anytime, anywhere. That’s a no-brainer.

But 2 minutes of reading might just save you hours of shopping for the right pair of sunnies to wear.

4 Sunglasses Fashion That Are Trendy for 2015!

It does not matter whether it’s a pair of Persol, Burberry, Carrera or Ralph Laurence Sunglasses – It’s more on the frame, the look and the lens!

#1 Round Sunglasses

We’ve witnessed the evolution of sunglasses fashion as the years gone by and round sunglasses seem to have made it to our top list. And who says plain sunglasses isn’t fashionable at all? Rihanna tells you more…

Rihanna Wearing designer sunglasses

Rihanna Wearing Round Sunglasses

What comes to mind are (to name a few):

#2 Thick Acetate Frame Sunglasses

Thick acetate sunglasses? We can’t help but give this title to Prada’s designer sunglasses, and it’s for a good reason: They embellish your sense of fashion like no other.

But Dolce & Gabbana isn’t that far behind the list of the best sunnies!

Thick rimmed sunglasses come rims twice thicker than that of a wayfarer, but the frame is not necessarily as big as the oversized ones. Its temples are either thick (like this, this and this) or thin (like this).

Thick frames are a favorite not only that it comes in different shapes and sizes, but thick frames hide all sins – And Gwen Stefani knows all too well…

Gwen Stefani Wearing A pair of Prada PR29PS  Sunglasses

Gwen Stefani Wearing A pair of Prada PR29PS Sunglasses

Top of our list are:

#3 Metal Bridge Acetate Sunglasses

Tonto Dikeh Prada Cat Eye Aviators

Tonto Dikeh Wearing Prada Cat Eye Aviators

We’ve said enough about Tonto Dikeh on this post. But we can’t help but notice those metal bridge acetate sunglasses. Aren’t they flashing-ly classy?

It’s not your typical outdoor designer shades, but it’s arguably eye-catching whichever party you land your feet on. The best part? We have three styles available to choose from (and their all Prada!):

#4 Aviators With Mirror Lenses

Marina Rumppe Wearing Aviators 1

Marina Rumppe Sporting Those Aviators

Our fashion sunglasses for women motto is…

“Worry about the buzz when the show is over”

And we ought to stop showing photos of celebrities wearing designer sunglasses, but Marina Rumppe looks effortlessly cool in this one. Doesn’t she?

Anyways, she’s into beauty blogging and has a lot of makeup tips you can legally steal from her! Just don’t forget to give her a shout out on Instagram!

Whether it’s 1970, 1995 or 2015, mirrored aviator sunglasses are always a favorite. Perhaps because the aviators are capable of turning any ordinary day into something spectacular. And you don’t have to be mystical to wear a pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 , it does the trick for yah!

Now let’s move to the…

Fashion Sunglasses That Were Once Trendy But Not In 2015!

Sunglasses fashion compliments your dress, your top, your denim and/or your bell pants (yes, their back!) and curated a list of fashion trends for 2015 which includes suede, the “midi” skirt, the floral print, metallized shoes, check pattern and stripes!

We’ve done a bit more digging and came up with 3 sunglasses frames we feel aren’t going to shine this year…

#1 Oversized Frames

Nicole Richie Sporting Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses

Nicole Richie Sporting Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses

It’s undeniably our 2013 top favorite. But sadly, oversized sunny’s popularity backfired forcing fashionistas to keep them safe in their drawers.

Here are some examples of once hot shades that are now on the downside:

#2 Butterfly Frames

Kkim Kardashain Clear Frame Sunglasses

Kkim Kardashain Clear Frame Sunglasses

Another favorite amongst A-listers like Kim Kardashian – the butterfly sunglasses. And they too are resting a little bit this year. To name a few:

#3 Shield Shapes

Alessandra Ambrosio Wearing Sheild Sunglasses

Alessandra Ambrosio Wearing Sheild Sunglasses

We were quite positive the shield sunglasses will somehow make it again this year. But like Alessandra Ambrosio’s dating ventures, all our expectations failed. But we’ve notice a couple of fashion bloggers still going for the shield shapes, so might as well throw in a couple ones here:

If You Don’t Agree With Your Trendy Sunglasses In 2015…

Pick a fight and rant about it in the comments below. Better yet, give us your list of trendy fashion sunglasses for 2015. We’d love to hear your side of things and will surely mention your opinions on future blogs.

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