Top 5 Most Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Just over a decade ago, Ray Bans were not high on the list of fashionistas in terms of style and value.

In about 1999, the sunglasses were sold at dirt cheap prices in petrol stations and the quality was poor. The brand was in trouble.

But fast forward to modern times, and it’s hard to imagine that Ray Bans are now considered a must have fashion accessory. These sunglasses are worn by celebrities and movie stars. In fact, Ray Bans are now one of the world’s most popular sunglasses, selling more than almost any other brand.

Affordable Rayban Sunglasses Selection

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While some Ray Bans can be quite expensive, especially some of the limited edition versions released by the company every so often, fortunately there are a few affordable options.

Here’s our quick guide to the top 5 most affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men.

Top 5 Most Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men


PRICE: $143

The Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin 601/8G sunglasses are one of the coolest new looks in the Ray-Ban stable. The Justin model was inspired by the iconic Wayfarer sunglasses and provides an update on that classic pair of shades.

Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin 601/8G sunglasses feature matte rubber black, full rim plastic frame and grey gradient polycarbonate lens.

The Justin model features slightly larger rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, dazzling colored lenses and a rubberised frame finish to create a fun and bold look.

This model is also available in traditional frame colors such as black, grey, brown and tortoise, as well as some total statement-making colors including red, violet, blue, fuchsia, turquoise and matte blue.

RAY-BAN RB3471 029/55

PRICE: $153

The Ray-Ban RB3471 sunglasses provide a fresh look with its single lens wrap design that is reminiscent of trendy ski goggles. The frames are special with a secure rubber grip on the temples to ensure that you will look stylish without disregarding comfort and durability.

Affordable Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

The Ray-Ban RB3471 029/55 wrap sunglasses use matte gunmetal colour on full rim metal frame to match its light green mirror blue polycarbonate lens.

While the blue colouring is very popular, the Ray-Ban RB3471 wrap sunglasses come in a variety of vibrant colours.

RAY-BAN RB4187 601/30

PRICE: $153

The Ray-Ban RB4187 601/30 Chris sunglasses are stylish additions to the Highstreet collection.

These glasses feature a black plastic, full rim frame and green mirror silver polycarbonate lens.

Affordable Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

The lenses are a squarer shape and the glasses a rubberised frame finish to add a nicely textured feel.

These Ray Bans have been described as a modern day fashion statement packed into a lightweight, comfortable design. They are available in traditional black or tortoise frames, and also bolder frame colors for those wanting to make a statement.


PRICE: $158

The Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer 6052 is a slightly changed and modernised version of one of the most iconic sunglasses of all time – the Wayfarer.

Affordable Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The New Wayfarer features a smaller lens size than the classic Wayfarer, and comes with a full rim just like its predecessor.

If you’re looking for affordable style while making a fashion statement, the New Wayfarer is your ideal choice.

RAY-BAN RB4068 601

PRICE: $158

The Ray-Ban RB4068 601 sunglasses provide an edgy new look quite different from some of Ray Bans classic styles such as the Aviator and Wayfarer.

This model comes with a classic square shape and a full coverage wrap, a full rim, black plastic frame and grey green glass lenses.

Affordable RayBan Sunglasses for Men

The Ray-Ban RB4068 sunglasses are lightweight and suitable for all types of face shapes and sizes. You can also grab a pair of this model with polarised lenses.

Ray-Ban sunglasses remain to be on the list of the most popular sunglasses for men and for women as well. With its wide selection of sunglasses, there is one that surely fits your styling preferences and lifestyle demands.

Affordable Ray-Ban sunglasses for men offer the best value for your money. Get high quality and fashionable sunglasses without leaving you broke.

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